Shutter Styles Down Under: A Guide to Plantation Shutters for Epping Homes

Shutter Styles Down Under: A Guide to Plantation Shutters for Epping Homes

Epping plantation shutters style.

The luxurious style and the functional benefits combine to make plantation shutters popular among Epping Homes. However, hiring a plantation shutters Epping company to install these window treatments opens up more possibilities for creating a custom look for your home. Plantation shutters come in various styles, allowing you to customise your interior and aesthetic value.

We’ve put together a list of the best shutter styles for you to consider for your Epping home.

Things to Consider Before Installing Plantation Shutters in Epping

Here are a few things to consider before you choose which style of plantation shutter to install.

  • Pick suitable materials – The material of the shutter can directly impact its look and durability. Choose a material that can withstand harsh weather conditions (especially if you live in areas exposed to such weather) and offer aesthetic appeal. There has to be a balance between the two.
  • Pick a shutter style for each room – The need for lighting control and privacy varies according to the room in your house. Therefore, choose different styles for each room.
  • Get the measurements right – You need accurate window measurements for a custom fit on the plantation shutters.
  • Decide on the colour – Plantation shutters come in various colours, too. The right colour will depend on the interior style of your home and other decorative elements.
  • Louvre size – The Louvre size also impacts the overall look and privacy control of the plantation shutters. Consider this when picking the style that best suits your home. 
Best shutter styles for Epping homes.

Guide to Plantation Shutter Styles

You’d be surprised to know that plantation shutters come in various style options. Here are some of them to help you pick the right style!

1. Full Height Shutters

Full-height shutters are window treatments that cover the length of the window frames. It is the best option if you want maximum privacy as they cover all the windows. Due to their maximum privacy control, this style is perfect for bedrooms or living rooms. 

The full-length design leaves no gaps for light to enter so are beneficial during winter when you want to prevent heat from escaping your home. They also provide another layer of protection to block noise from the outside. 

Full-height shutters are ideal for window fitting customisation for any window size. Consider adding extra support and protection when installing them on oversized windows, as it can help reduce the possibility of warping, especially in the middle.

2. Café Style Shutters

The café style shutter is designed to cover the bottom half of the window. It is an excellent choice for ground-level windows or if you want light to enter while still having adequate control of privacy. As the name implies, this window treatment style works best for commercial spaces, such as cafes and restaurants, because of its aesthetic addition.

Café style shutters are popular for large windows, especially if homeowners do not prefer full length shutters. They allow more flexibility in controlling light and privacy and are also ideal when your windows have unique features like stained glass. This shutter style is as quickly customisable as full-length shutters. Coupling it with curtains or other window treatments can also unleash more styling possibilities.

Plantation shutters installer in Epping.

3. Tier on Tier Shutters

Tier on tier shutters come with two separate panels, which work independently. They are a practical design choice since you can keep the lower panels closed for privacy and the upper panels open to allow light in. This shutter style is the perfect solution for bay and sash windows. They are also recommended for any room in the house that is directly exposed to sunlight.

Tier on tier shutters have grown in popularity among homeowners in Epping because of the capacity to open both or one of the two panels. However, they aren’t the best treatment if you have too small or too large windows. They take longer to install and are more expensive than other shutter styles. Consider these factors when choosing tier on tier plantation shutters in Epping. 

4. Solid Panel Shutters

Full solid shutters are made of one solid panel or piece of wood. They lack louvres or individual slats typical of the shutter styles mentioned above. Since they are made of solid wood and are highly durable and low maintenance, they are easy to clean since there is a bigger surface area than if you were to clean the individual slats. However, they do not offer the aesthetic appeal that plantation shutters have to offer.

Solid panel shutters work best on Victorian windows or any period homes. They offer maximum light reduction, high privacy control, and heat insulation. They are the best alternative to installing black-out curtains but offer the least flexibility due to the lack of louvres.

5. Half Solid Panel Shutters

The half solid panel shutters provide the flexibility lacking in solid panel shutters. As the name implies, the lower panel is made of solid wood, and the upper panel consists of louvres. Thus, you can get privacy and lighting control from the bottom half of the shutter panel. The upper panel consists of louvres that enable you to adjust the amount of lighting in your home according to the time of day. This style offers the best of both worlds!

Like solid panel shutters, this style also complements period homes perfectly. They have a distinct look, making them a unique addition to your home.

However, you need to hire experienced plantation shutter installers in Epping for this shutter style since it has high technical specifications. This shutter style works best on windows below 60” x 60” in size. Larger windows require heavier panels that must align properly. 

You can find specialised designs, such as bi-fold shutters and special-shaped shutters giving you more options to customise the look of your windows. Over time, newer styles have emerged to provide the best solution to the unique needs of Epping homes as far as style and functionality. It is best to consider all style options for a worthwhile investment and make your home more comfortable!

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