L-Frame Plantation Shutters for Privacy and Light Control

L-Frame Plantation Shutters for Privacy and Light Control

Benefits of L-frame plantation shutters.

The frame is crucial to plantation shutter installation because it ensures proper alignment and more stability and support for the entire structure. Therefore, choosing the frame is among the most important decisions you will make once you install plantation shutters in your home or commercial space. Your options for plantation shutter frames and the benefits of choosing L-frame plantation shutters will be explored in this guide.

Importance of Plantation Shutter Frames

Plantation shutter frames are those brackets that attach to the window recess. Installing the shutters without the frame is impossible because there is nothing to support their weight and keep them aligned with your window. As you will discover later, there are various types of shutter frames that vary in function and style.

With that said, frames are essential because not all windows are perfectly shaped or proportioned. Without the frame, the shutter panels can’t be secured into position. As a result, you need to perform additional steps, such as sanding the window panels or altering the window recess to allow the shutters to fit. 

Shutter frames are designed to be perfectly proportioned (whether square or rectangular) and come with hinges. These two components guarantee the perfect alignment of the plantation shutters to the windows. Upon installation, the frames are caulked to ensure a sleek look and finish as part of the window treatment. 

Importance of plantation shutter frames.

Types of Plantation Shutter Frames

Now that you know the importance of plantation shutter frames, it’s time to know the various available frame options. There are three primary choices: L-frames, Z-frames, and Deco frames.

The L-frame plantation shutters are square-shaped and the most common type of frame. They are recommended when installing plantation shutters on windows with existing trims. Therefore, you can do internal or external mounting for this shutter frame type. 

On the other hand, the Z-frame shutters are designed for inside mounting only. Use this frame type if your windows don’t have a trim and you want a polished look on your windows. The Z-frames are the best solution for windows that are not perfectly aligned, as they are excellent in concealing gaps between the frames. They are also the recommended frame type for specialised windows.

Lastly, the deco frames are those designed for external installation only. They are similar to the Z-frame because they offer an aesthetic finish, can conceal any imperfections in the window frame, and can be adjusted based on the window recess. 

L-frame plantation shutter

Considerations When Choosing Plantation Shutter Frames

Each type of plantation shutter frame differs in its functionality and style. They are also suited for various types of windows and application requirements. That said, here are the things you must consider to help you choose the ideal frame for installing plantation shutters

Outside vs. Inside Mount Frames 

The main consideration when choosing plantation shutter frames is whether they have an inside or outside mount. An inside mount frame refers to the frames that are installed within the window opening. On the other hand, an outside mount frame is installed from the outside and protrudes from the exterior wall. The decision on which frame type to install depends on the depth and configuration of your window, especially if you don’t want to alter your existing windows.

Inside mount frames work best on deep windows. Meanwhile, outside mount frames can work on most window types, giving you more flexibility. If you cannot decide the best frame type for your window type, you should consult a shutter expert to help you pick the right one.

Window Opening Mechanism

The opening mechanism of the window is another crucial factor to consider when choosing the ideal frame for plantation shutters. For windows that open inwards, you need an outside mount shutter frame. If you choose an inside mount frame, it will prevent you from opening your windows. Therefore, consider the functionality of the windows when picking the right frame type or style.

Thus, an outside frame mount is perfect for windows that open inwards. Since the frame sits outside the wall and the window recess, it won’t affect the window operation, allowing you to open and close it as usual. 

Frame Material

Like plantation shutters, the frames can be made of different materials, each with pros and cons. The most common material for shutter frames is hardwood. This material is durable and easy to work with. Make sure you choose a high-quality wooden material to ensure a long-lasting shelf life for the shutter frames without compromising on the price. 

The weight is another factor to consider when comparing the different shutter frame materials. Lightweight materials are suitable since they are easy to work with. 

If you live in an area with extreme weather conditions, especially if you’re installing an outside mounted frame, consult a shutters expert. They can recommend the best material based on the unique climate where you live, ensuring that you can choose a resilient material fit for the weather conditions. 

Why Choose L-Frame Plantation Shutters?

The L-frame plantation shutters are the most common type available. So, what makes them a popular choice? These are the benefits of choosing an L-frame shutter for your home.

  • The L-frame offers maximum flexibility upon installation since you can mount it flush against the wall or sit back from the wall at any depth. Therefore, you have control over the finished look of the plantation shutters relative to the window frame.
  • The L-frame offers privacy and light control since you can adjust the depth of the casing, especially if your windows lack the depth required for the window slats to operate. It is suitable for homes that require added privacy and you want to control the amount of light that enters your home (or room). 

No matter which frame you choose, the most important thing is that it fits your window type. When hiring experts to install your plantation shutters, they can provide expert insight into choosing the best frame for your window. Therefore, you can seek their recommendations to make the most of your installation. 

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