Sheer Curtains

From nature-inspired sheers to sheer & blind/ plantation shutters combos, We love layered window treatments offering you superior light control, achieving energy efficiency, and protecting your family privacy.

Sheer curtains disperse the soft glow of sunlight into a space either through a fine, almost translucent construction, or a loose construction with open fibres. While linen and linen-look sheers are an eternal favourite, we are seeing a growing desire for soft, optimistic colours at the window, extra wide widths in architectural builds, and luxuriously rustic, textured sheers.

Easy Match

Beyond the white plantation shutters, we bring to you the quality Australia made Sheer Curtains, in many white shades and neutral color. Add a soft touching to match your existing flooring, wall, furniture and even kitchen cabinet and bench.

Ceiling to Flooring

Our ceiling-to-flooring sheer is ideal to cover sliding doors and stacker doors. It Softens the look of a room, save on energy, boost privacy and a great way to add warmth to your interior and make your house feel more like a home.

Hand Made in Melbourne

Quality stitching work and made right here in the Melbourne. Everything is hand cut and made with passion and love from makers and present unique piece for every household for timeless enjoyment.

Simple is good

Curtain and blind hardware is becoming more slimline and minimal. In many cases, it’s disappearing altogether with many designers preferring to attach curtain tracks to the ceiling. This also has the effect of visually adding a sense of height to your ceiling and a tailored look to the room.
The contemporary hemmed bottom has replaced the old pocked seal to further reduce duplicated layers.

If your ceiling has cornices don’t be disheartened – you can still achieve the sought-after look by simply specifying our wall mount option which looks beautiful with an wave-fold curtain style.

Made To Measure

No window or door is the same, and all sheer curtains are hand-cut and stitched for custom fitting.

At Your Convenience

Our typical lead time to supply and fit your blinds or curtains is just 3 to 4 weeks.

We Do It All For You

We come to your home, take precious measurement and show you range of fabric and color to match the existing interior.

Mix Match with Plantation Shutters?

The answer is always Yes, you don’t have to scare white white everywhere, a soft white sheer compared with cold white timber plantation shutters are perfect match. Both door way and window are covered with function point of view in the mind, Rather hard way to open shutters to access your back yard, you simply pull or push the sheer open, then nothing is blocked on your way in and out.

Need privacy for both day and night?

Most sheers with folded shape, will keep you day private enough without concerning much for strangers see through into your room, but how about night when you switch on the lights ? Our solution is simple – just add a blockout blind behind the sheers. You wont be surprised as we will try to get the blind’s color as close as possible to match your sheers, so you have a consistent color tone on the wall which is not conflicting with other interiors.


We aim to make you decision-making as easy as possible, rather than making your headache with extensive range and color, we bring to you with hand-picked most popular ones from reputed local sourced fabric suppliers to fit the different budget.


This is our most affordable collection, available in 8 different neutral colors with linen look finish.


Most popular range with reasonable price tag, offers linen look finish in various color and medium density texture like.


This is our designer serials and most elegant sheer developed to sit effortlessly within our antipodean lifestyle. Built to withstand our unique environmental conditions. Fabric is sourced from European countries like German, Italy and Turkey.
Our Antipods ranges offer most versatile and bold color you can imagine, pink, yellow, and blue which bring the romance of sheers as well as a warm touch of colour. Darker sheers filter the light but give the illusion of disappearing at the window, thus appearing less obvious than a light colourway.


From traditional style to contemporary, see below curtain heading style that inspires you:

1: Single pinch pleat, also known as the new york pleat

2: Double pinch pleat, also known as the dutch pleat

3: Triple pinch pleat, also known as the french pleat

4: wave header, also known as an s-fol

Book a free In-Home Measure and Quote

Best place to pick color and fabric is in your home, we are more than happy to offer this obligation free service to help you to achieve perfect windows/doors furnishing.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Natural fibre as there is a greater discrepancy in the fabric, and they are less hard wearing. It is crucial to be aware when using linen sheers for sun filtering purposes that they will fade and break down over time due to the amount of light they are receiving, and the natural decomposition of organic atter.

The beauty of a polyester or polyester blend product is the ability to harness the look of a linen sheer while also ensuring stability in the fibre and decreasing the speed of fading, as they are durable and olourfast. Linen-look sheers are a cost-effective alternative which looks equally as beautiful and is easier to care for in the long term, because the fibres have greater resistance to UV degradation.

We like sheer curtains as much as our beautiful timber plantation shutters or PVC plantation shutters. Sheer makes your whole room bigger as you can easily see through to the space behind the wall via a glass door or window, Shutters may be not good idea for big doors area where every day use is required even we can use bi-fold or sliding shutters but they are not that cost-effective way compared with sheer.

Sheers can be used on any windows or door ,but particular useful for big living areas, like sliding doors to your alfresco or master bedroom sliding door to your balcony or back yard. Simply push or pull open for whole or partial access.
Soft and whimsical, they gentle defuse light and provide a veil of day privacy. For bedroom application, we recommend you add a blackout roller blind in same color finish, behind the sheers to offer night privacy.

Its bit hard to tell exact which color is the best, as the sheer has no solid coating in the back unlike curtain. The color changes during different time of day, you may see creamy color for white sheers because of strong afternoon sun. The best place to pick the right color is always your home, when we place fabric against your windows or doors so you can get better idea which one is best to match your existing interior furnishing Various fabric collection to choose from, whether you need a thin layer for easily see through without interference, or linen finish to add bit texture to your interior, or more heavy duty to block most strong afternoon lights.

Color-wise, most case we recommend you pick something neural such as white, cream or light grey which is easily to blend into your wall and rest furnishing, while you can go bold way to use sheers like a feature such as charcoal or dark blue, pink etc.

Wave fold and S fold are very similar in the look, both very popular as well as traditional Pinch Pleat.
Installation is commonly seen either mounting on the ceiling to wall mount on the wall, depending on how your wall and ceiling joined to each other. in some rare cases, we attach it to your window or door architrave.

PVC, Aluminium or Timber Plantation shutters and sheer curtains can be always used together in the same room, particularly in the living area where a big sliding door is covered by sheer curtains, the windows are ideal with plantation shutters, while shade shutters and white sheer or any neutral color will be perfectly matching.

All sheer curtain is hand made in Melbourne factory and we can have both plantation shutters and sheers order made in 3 to 4 weeks. We don’t stock any standard alone size, as no home is same in terms of window or door size.
This is nothing you should worry about, as we come to you home to take precious measurement and send back to Melbourne based factory to cut and deduct based your wall and flooring specification. You will get chance to see various color and texture at your home. We don’t carry extensive brands,but handful enough to give your most popular color and texture range so you don’t have to spend whole day to make decision.

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