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Plantation Shutters - Melbourne Made
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Profiles and Extrusion Making
T Post and Frames
Louver Blades
Reinforced Stiles and Rails
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Shutters Parts Fabricating
Control Rods Assembling
Hinges Pre-Drilling & Attaching
Frame Cutting
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Panel Assembling
Louver Blades Fitting
Pivot Pins Installing
Stiles Adjusting
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Painting and Coating
Touching up and Cleaning
Packing and Protecting

Plantation Shutters Factory

Plantation Shutters Factory

Benefits when Dealing with a Local Manufacturer

  • Factory Direct Price without Middle Man
  • Super Fast Production & Free Delivery Melbourne Wide
  • Local Aussie Team with exceptional Customer Service
  • Healthy Card and Senior Discount
  • Genuine Local Warranty - Express Parts & Hardware Same Day

Ready to move to next ?

Step 01
Book a free In-Home Measure & Quote with us, and one of our consultant will attend your appointment on time.We will check each of your window and discuss with you for any restrictions which may affect installation such as winder, handle, and lock issues etc. The consultant will also analyse oritation of your house and room type, to give suggestion which material is best to fit your windows. You will have chance to see our samples demonstration and color swatch as well.
Step 01
Step 02
You will be given a hand written quote instantly by our consultants. We will also send a formal PDF quote to your email within 2 days, along with a SMS reminder including a clickable link to that PDF you can easily view on your smartphone.
Step 02
Step 03
If you have any questions and doubt, just call the consultant or reply that email.
Step 03
Step 04
Happy with our Quote ! Simply email us with your confirmation, and we will arrange a formal invoice send to you shortly as well as payment terms.
Step 04
Step 05
For some complicated jobs,we may send a technician for a check measure service. In case you have further technical questions, feel free to ask onsite.
Step 05
Step 06
Technician will send your order to our production team to process, and the lead time varies depending on the terms we put on the quote.
Step 06
Step 07
Once your order is finished and packed in warehouse, we will be in contact with you to book an installation date. Plenty notice will be given, most likely a week beforehand. It normally takes 2 to 5 hrs for installation to be fully completed, depending on the project. We appreciate if you can move all valuable or fragile items closing to the windows, to help installers work without much stress.
Step 07
Upon installation is completed, installers will talk with you some basic maintenance knowledge for different type of shutters. We will remove all packaging onsite, and leave a clean room for you to enjoy.

Start U Windows Covering Task with Us:

Plantation Shutters
  • 1You make an app for in-home service
  • 2We measure and design on-site
  • 3You approve our factory direct quote
  • 4We make & install you Shutters asap

Talk to us today to make a booking.