Plantation Shutter Mount

Plantation Shutter Mount

plantation shutter Melbourne mount options

Most plantation shutters are custom made and can be mounted to your window a number of ways.

Inside mount: This option involves mounting the shutters inside the window frame. It is a popular choice as it provides a clean and streamlined look to the windows.

Outside mount: With this option, the wood plantation shutters are mounted on the outside of the window frame. It is an ideal choice if the window frame is not deep enough to accommodate the shutter’s frame.

Hybrid mount: This option is a combination of the inside and outside mount. The frame is mounted inside the window frame, while the shutter panels are mounted on the outside.
Cafe style mount: Cafe style shutters are mounted only on the lower half of the window. This option is perfect for privacy and light control while maintaining an unobstructed view.
Tier-on-tier mount: This option involves mounting two sets of shutters, one on top of the other. Each set can be operated independently, giving you greater control over privacy and light.
When selecting a mounting option, it is important to consider factors such as the window size, the depth of the window frame, and the desired level of light and privacy control.

The most popular way we have installed for customers, is to inside mount your plantation window shutters using an L-Frame which gives you the ability to square the frame inside your recess and mount your panels. An L-Frame also acts as a light block, preventing light from coming through the edges of the panels.

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