Modern Townhouse Living: Plantation Shutters for Epping’s Newest Developments

Modern Townhouse Living: Plantation Shutters for Epping’s Newest Developments

Plantation shutters for Epping townhouses.

As more townhouses and new developments emerge in Epping, a new set of homeowners are also navigating the challenge of designing their homes for aesthetics and functionality. There is always a delicate balance between the two, requiring precision when choosing the perfect style that is worth the investment. Discover how to transform modern townhouse living with modern plantation shutters.


Rise of Modern Townhouses and Apartment Living in Australia

With rising real estate costs in Australia, more Australians prefer living in townhouses and apartments. Indeed, the residential real estate landscape has transformed over the years, especially with the newest developments focusing on multi-unit blocks and condos. Gone are the days when the Australian dream was to own a quarter-acre block of land; townhouses and apartments offer the next best solution. 

According to the New Australian Bureau of Statistics, there are many large townhouses and apartment developments in Epping and the rest of New South Wales. As of December 2022, there was a spike of over 56% in non-house dwelling approvals in NSW. The same trend is true for the rest of the country, with more people choosing to find residential units in non-traditional ways. 

There is no denying that these new residential developments present new opportunities and challenges. For those new to living in the townhouse setting, one of the biggest hurdles would be a lack of privacy. While traditional homes offer a sense of privacy as you can enjoy a large backyard and outdoor space, townhouse residents don’t get the same luxury. With limited real estate, you are mostly confined to your living space. As such, ensuring privacy and safety is a critical consideration for townhouse buyers to ensure they can cope with the changing dynamics of living. 

Modern Plantation Shutters Melbourne

Why Choose Plantation Shutters for Townhouses and Apartments

With the lack of privacy and security in townhouses living in this modern Epping era, it is crucial for those who live in townhouses and apartments to install security solutions. One brilliant solution is the installation of plantation shutters

In addition to the lack of privacy, townhouse residents also have to consider the smaller living spaces available to them. Modern townhomes offer less space than a traditional home, especially in the suburbs of New South Wales.

Here are the best reasons to choose plantation shutters for this modern style of living.

1. Achieve your dream home style.

Combining style with functionality is a tricky balancing act. In most cases, one is sacrificed for the other. Fortunately, plantation shutters can give you the best of both worlds, making it the perfect solution for small living spaces.

You can select from a diverse range of eco-friendly and sustainable plantation shutter materials to infuse your home with a sophisticated feel. Traditional white-finished wooden plantation shutters create a timeless and elegant look that enriches your home décor. 

The classic colonial-influenced design offers universal appeal, making it the best way to achieve aesthetic value in modern townhomes.

2. Reclaim privacy in townhomes and apartments.

With several dwelling units built close to each other, modern townhomes have deprived homeowners of the privacy they deserve. However, installing plantation shutters can help you reclaim that sense of privacy and keep prying eyes away from your living space. 

Plantation shutters can be custom-fitted to your windows to ensure maximum light privacy and security. Choose from different styles to open or close louvres when you need to. This installation gives you more peace of mind and security in your own home.

3. Replace your ugly grilles.

The traditional security solution for window treatments is to install grilles to prevent unwanted access through the window. However, it can negatively affect the aesthetic value of your home. If you’re tired of the unsightly grilles that make your home look like a prison, you can switch to a more aesthetic alternative, like plantation shutters. You can get the same protection without the unsightly additions to your windows that diminish curb appeal. 

Modern Plantation Shutters Installation in Townhouses.

4. Say goodbye to rattling blinds.

Gone are the days when you had to deal with the annoyance of rattling blinds whenever a strong gust of wind passed through the window. Plantation shutters are fixed into the window frame and shutter panels, which means they do not flip and rattle from the wind flow. You can adjust the louvres to control the airflow and ventilation within your living space.

Space-Saving Solution for Modern Townhomes

As mentioned, living in townhomes presents unique opportunities and challenges. If you’re new to this kind of living setup, you must plan for the challenges, especially in terms of the limited living space. 

If you’ve lived in a house most of your life, modern plantation shutters are a practical, space-saving solution to a small space. You can custom-fit plantation shutters, which are built to match your window’s unique specifications. Thus, you can enjoy a perfect fit for your home and windows. It won’t eat up any unnecessary space or take up more space than it has to. You can customize their installation to maximize their style and aesthetic appeal.


Plantation Shutters Offer More Than Security and Privacy

Plantation shutters offer versatility of style and privacy, but you can enjoy more benefits with this installation. Let’s look at what makes them a wise investment for your townhome.

  • Compatibility with various window shapes and sizes

  • Temperature regulation with light and heat control

  • Noise reduction for urban living

  • Ease of maintenance and care

  • Durability and longevity

  • The visual illusion of having more space


While a traditional home in Epping is out of reach due to Australia’s rising housing costs, you don’t have to fret about living in a townhome. You can transform your living space with custom solutions designed to match your needs and give you the utmost privacy without hurting your budget. Whether you value your privacy or the style of your living space, plantation shutters have the solution you need! 

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