Why Hiring An Expert For Plantation Shutter Installation Is Wise

Plantation Shutter Installation

While DIY may be a wonderfully fun activity for those looking to fill their weekend hours, there are some jobs that are simply made for professionals. Whether it be a matter of safety, time consumption, or requirement of certain tools or skillsets, certain projects around the home require a little more nuance and patience than others.

One such example is the installation of plantation shutters.

There are so many factors that go into the successful installation of plantation shutters in any property, it’s not a simple job and it requires great knowledge on the principles of fitting, frame knowledge, concise measurement, and professional tools.

Worth Every Cent

While many assume that they’ll be saving a truckload of cash when they elect to get the job done themselves, it quickly dawns upon them that it is not a simple cut-and-paste job. Professional installation teams like the one we have at AAA Plantation Shutters have had experience with every conceivable issue that can pop up unexpectedly in an installation job. If it were in the hands of a DIY enthusiast, for instance, the time spent researching a problem, determining the problem, and the time fixing the problem can snowball very rapidly.

What you save in money, is ultimately paid for in time and frustration, professionals know exactly how to measure, order and install in a clean and concise manner.

 The Many Factors To Consider

Still, considering it? There are a number of factors that should be present in your calculations when it comes to the installation of plantation shutters.

Windows are never the exact size they appear to be, so ensuring you have the absolute perfect measurement for out-of-square windows and adjust for variables such as hinges, panels and light exposure are factors that you’ll have to learn about and implement.

There’s also the matter of restrictions in some Melbournian properties that allow and disallow certain work to be done, especially with the different types and ages of the building, like heritage-listed properties and homes.

Insurance often plays a big role when it comes to home improvements and DIY work especially. In the unlikely event that an unfortunate accident occurred, or damage is noticeable from a mistaken installation. In this case, it’s always best to have professionals, not only for their immense utility in reducing the likelihood of damage but also because they are often covered by damages and insurance policies.


While it’s wonderful for people to be go-getters and attempt at DIY improvements around their home, there are certain jobs and projects that require finesse and experience that can’t be found at Bunnings. There are so many factors to consider, and often the work itself is covered with exact measurement and a very thin margin for error.

Going with experts like ourselves will not only save you time, stress, and pressure to get it done – it will save you immense amounts of money later on down the line. Some projects are so well done, they don’t need the tune-up – that’s what you find with AAA Plantation Shutters.

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