PVC vs Wood Plantation Shutters- Which is the Best Choice for Your Home?

PVC & Wood Plantation Shutters

With a wide range of shutters available to you, all with their pros and cons, it can be difficult to make a selection. When it comes to PVC vs wood plantation shutters, there are several things that you should know that are likely to assist you in your decision. These are some of the features of both that can help you decide which is the best choice for your home.

What are the Benefits of PVC Plantation Shutters?

While wood plantation shutters are perhaps the more traditional option, PVC plantation shutters have seen an increase in popularity recently due to the many benefits that they offer to your home. PVC is a type of durable plastic that is then painted over and made UV resistant. Appearance-wise, the difference between PVC shutters and wood shutters can be difficult to spot. When you get closer, however, you will notice that PVC shutters are slightly heavier than timber.

In terms of the benefits they provide, PVC performs similarly to wood shutters in many ways though has some added benefits due to its artificial quality. They are water-resistant, UV resistant, and, unlike wood shutters, have no reaction to heat. PVC shutters are built to last and are ideal for many areas that may be affected by wet conditions or extreme heat. Their appearance preserves well and their performance remains exemplary.

What are the Benefits of Wood Plantation Shutters?

Wood plantation shutters have been the traditional choice of shutter for years. They provide protection for your home against the elements and also allow you to achieve privacy. Compared to PVC shutters, wood plantation shutters are more lightweight and have a natural wood grain finish.

One of the biggest benefits of wood shutters is their customizable nature. They can be painted in any colour to suit any home and they can also be made in any shape. If your home requires a very specific style or shape of the shutter, wood plantation shutters are an ideal option. Whether you have triangle windows, oval windows, arch windows, or another unique shape, you can customize your wood shutter to your liking.

Comparing the Two

When deciding between the two shutters, it is important to consider the specificities of your home. If you have particularly large or unusual windows, wood plantation shutters will be ideal as they can be created to fit any shape. If you have a particular colour in mind, wood is again ideal as it can be stained to the shade of your choice.

The benefits of PVC plantation shutters, however, is that they are far more sturdy and resistant to the elements. While wood is likely to warp or fade in conditions such as the Australian heat, PVC will remain intact. While you do not have the option to change the colour or shape of your PVC shutter, you will have the peace of mind that it will retain its original shade despite the elements. An added bonus is the cheaper price point and also the easy maintenance. PVC shutters are practically maintenance-free and only require a quick wipe if they become dirty for whatever reason.


Be sure to take into consideration the unique needs of your home when comparing PVC and wood plantation shutters. Both offer a range of different benefits and can be well suited to any home. Feel free to get in touch with us and speak about your project

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