Window Warranty Tricks

Window Warranty Tricks

Plantation Shutters Melbourne Warranty
Warranty promise is part of deal for any windows covering product, and also mandatory by Australia Consumer Law against defect and bad workmanship.
Warranty terms vary by different materials and the life time is also impacted by where you use them and how often you use them. All we discuss here is within or around the residential premise for domestic usage, other than commercial or business purpose.

PVC Plantation Shutters

PVC material is artificial man made in naturally white finish, and its widely used for outdoor and indoor for plumbing industry due to its long durability. When we use PVC on plantation shutters, it will be always in white finish only. Its surface is painted in white and coated with UV treatment against the fading. Due to its characteristics, PVC generally has long lift time in terms of:

Wood Plantation Shutters

Timber made shutters are traditionally dominant in the market for many years before PVC, and the major wood used in the market are Basswood,Cedar and Paulownia.
Basswood is most common one in the market, and its light but strong and most likely its sourced from Russia and then transported to China for manufacturing. The price is very reasonable due to its fast grown type
Cedar is kind of hardwood and relatively expensive and sourced from mainly Canada and other countries
Paulowania is a very light solid wood,and you may find lots of furniture is made of paulowania in Japan, to avoid less damage to the people considering earth quake happens so often. Its very soft wood and even your nail can press a cut on the surface.
Wood shutters like all the natural wood made item like doors and windows, you may need constantly care to make sure its last as longer as possible.


Traditionally this material is used for cupboard doors. It is heavy, not very strong and will absorb moisture. There are controls on Australian produced material as far as toxic glues and additives are concerned, but these controls are not implemented overseas.

Aluminium Plantation Shutters

Aluminum is best material to make standard shaped plantation shutters for living room and ourdoor, but due to cost, you may see many of them are used purely for outdoor. When a high quality powdercoat finish is used these will last up to 20 years indoor and 10 years outdoor. When its used purely outdoor, only concern is the bird pool which may damage the shutter if its not cleaned shortly. Like you may see on the car where serve damage if you leave them uncleaned for a while.

With three different materials discussed above, you may build some understanding how to pick right material in terms of warranty to cover your investment for short to long terms.
Our PVC shutters is always reinforced with Aluminium core to give long life time warranty. We offer 10 years structure warranty but exclude fading as discussed above that it is really depending on the orientation of your windows.
We offer basswood shutters in very reasonable price and it comes with 3 years structure warranty. Be aware the stained finish which may fade very fast during hot summer if you have direct sun to your east facing windows.
Aluminium shutters, has maximum warranty and guaranteed by us for 20 years structure intact, excluding chemical damage like built up bird poop etc.
We never use wood composition which is not a general practice for our long term business interest.
Choose wisely for each room if you are planing to have whole house furnished with plantation shutters. Our high skilled consultant will not only give your measure and quote, but advise on each window in terms of material and layout to fit the best of your interest,

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