Top Benefits of Aluminium Outdoor Plantation Shutters

Aluminium Plantation Shutters

Aluminium outdoor plantation shutters have become a popular choice of shutter due to their excellent performance in outdoor areas. Finding shutters that are able to resist the elements, particularly in Australia, can be a challenge. Fortunately, aluminium shutters are incredibly sturdy and are an ideal choice of outdoor shutter. Here are some of their top benefits.

Weatherproof Structure

Perhaps the main reason that aluminium plantation shutters have become the ideal choice of outdoor shutter is their ability to resist the weather. This is, of course, an essential element of an outdoor shutter as they will be exposed to all kinds of conditions as the seasons pass.

Aluminium outdoor plantation shutters are able to remain intact rain or shine and their powder coated finish is guaranteed to last up to 20 years. With these shutters, you will not see any UV fading or moisture damage. If you are searching for outdoor shutters that are built to last, aluminium is the perfect material to choose.

Durable Build

Aluminium outdoor plantation shutters are an ideal choice of shutter for areas such as balconies, pergolas, outdoor barbecue areas, and much more. They are particularly popular in Australia as they can withstand almost anything that you throw at them. While they can be fitted indoors, their durable build is ideal for outside.

While aluminium outdoor plantation shutters are incredibly strong, they are also very light weight and will not damage any structures. They have a maximum panel width of 1400mm per panel and a maximum panel height of up to 3000mm high.

Flexible Mount Options

Another essential element that makes aluminium outdoor plantation shutters so popular is the range of flexible mount options. Every home is different and it is certain that every individual will have a different vision for how they want their outdoor shutters to look.

Aluminium outdoor plantation shutters are available in a variety of mount options including fixed, hinge open, bi-fold, sliding, and more. No matter how you want to set them up in your home, they are adaptable and easy to implement. Their flexibility as a shutter means that they are an ideal choice.

 Security Options

The final feature that makes aluminium outdoor plantation shutters so desirable is the security options that they come with. These security options will make your shutters even more secure than they already are, particularly if you expect that they will be facing windy conditions.

Your shutters can come with an optional lock and also latch on blades and panels that make for a wind proof result. This customisable feature is the final key element of aluminium outdoor plantation shutters and adds that extra level of trust that you have a shutter that you can count on in absolutely any situation.


These are just some of the reasons why aluminium outdoor plantation shutters have become an incredibly popular choice in Australian homes. They are a reliable shutter that is ideal for the unpredictable nature of Australian weather. They look great and do their job brilliantly.

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