PVC vs Wood Shutters

PVC vs Wood Shutters

Plantation PVC vs wood shutters for indoor use
You have several options if you’re considering looking at some updates to your window treatments. First, an option that you may want to consider is plantation shutters as a type of window treatment. This popular option has its roots in the United States and remains a classic and timeless style that is also quite a functional option.
They’re also quite durable with most of the material options and are energy-efficient due to their functionality. This can also be a great addition if you want to increase your home’s value.
These are designed with large and wide slats that are adjustable. So you can adjust how much light is blocked and how much airflow can come in to help with ventilation and the breeze.


When you look at PVC vs Wood Plantation Shutters, you can actually make PVC look identical to their wooden counterparts in both colours and look. What helps to confirm the same look is that all the ancillary pieces, such as the frames, rails, stiles and hinges, will be the same regardless of if you go with a PVC or Wood material option. Even the blade sizes can be customised for each material option into the desired plank lengths and widths.
With that said, there are still some limitations when it comes to PVC and its authenticity. For example, while many aspects can make PVC look like natural wood, it tends to be hard to mimic the feel and warmth of natural wooden plantation tiles. In addition, PVC may have limited options regarding what natural stain and finishing colours can be selected compared to wood.

PVC Plantation Shutters

These are constructed from a plastic polymer known as polyvinyl chloride. They are extremely durable and don’t have issues such as degrading or eroding over time. Since they aren’t metal based either, there’s no issue when it comes to rust. This material is commonly used in plumbing and piping due to its resistance to the elements.
One note to consider is the weight, as PVC plantation shutters are reinforced with metal, typically aluminium, to keep their shape looking like actual shutters and not appear as if they are flimsy. This additional weight needs to be considered when it comes to how large of a size you’re looking to have your plantation shutters be and also how much area they are meant to cover.

PVC Plantation Shutters

Don’t think that Wood is that much less durable than PVC. In fact, with the proper maintenance, there should be no issues with them. Keep in mind if you’re looking for this traditional option, they’ll be made and shaped from natural wood, and popular types include hardwood options such as maple and oak but can include other options such as cedar or basswood.
One thing to note is that water can significantly affect your wood and cause many issues. First, it will cause fractures in the wood, from hairline fractures to multiple cracks. Then, exposure to too much water can cause the wood to warp or rot if it isn’t properly sealed. Another issue that can occur with water is the peeling or flaking off of paint.
Heat can also be an issue as it makes the wood expand. This can also cause swelling and warping, and when the wood cools off, it can actually go the other way and be affected by shrinkage.
Ultimately, they are much lighter than PVC, as they won’t need metal supports. As a result, they’ll be a great option to cover large windows that aren’t in wet areas and can be an aesthetically pleasing option.

What does maintenance look like?

PVC vs Wood Shutters both have an issue with fading and will do so at similar speeds. For those who have wooden-based plantation shutters in Australia, you will need to implement a consistent maintenance schedule that includes restraining, putting on protective oils and sanding or repolishing them from time to time. When this maintenance needs to happen is based on their exposure to the sun. If they are facing North or West, expect an expedited maintenance schedule.

PVC plantation shutters in Australia are much easier to clean. This is because they can be wiped down simply with water or non-aggressive cleaning solutions, unlike wood, which can only be dry-dusted for cleaning. Furthermore, if you go for a white colour with PVC, which is its natural colour, then it will also last longer as well from fading.

Overview of Pros and Cons of PVC and Wood plantation shutters

Pros of Wood plantation shutters

Cons of Wood Plantation Shutters

Pros of PVC Plantation shutters

Cons of PVC Plantation Shutters

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