Louver Shutter Controls

Louver Shutter Controls

Plantation Shutters controls and louver mechanism

The louver control mechanism for plantation shutters is the component that allows you to adjust the position of the louvers, which are the horizontal slats that make up the shutter panels. There are several types of louver control mechanisms available for plantation shutters, including:

Tilt Rod: This is the most common louver control mechanism for living room plantation shutters. A tilt rod is a vertical rod that runs down the center of each shutter panel and connects to the louvers. When you move the tilt rod up or down, the louvers rotate to the desired position.

Hidden Tilt Rod: A hidden tilt rod is a variation of the traditional tilt rod mechanism, where the tilt rod is concealed within the frame of the shutter panel. This gives the shutters a more streamlined and contemporary look.Clearview: The Clearview mechanism is a type of hidden tilt rod that uses a small bar on the side of the shutter panel to control the louvers. This gives you an unobstructed view through the shutters when the louvers are in the open position.Bi-Fold: Bi-Fold shutters have two or more panels that fold in on each other. The louver control mechanism for bi-fold shutters is usually a tilt rod or hidden tilt rod that is connected to all the louvers in the panels.Motorized: Motorized louver control mechanisms use a remote control to adjust the position of the louvers. This is a convenient option for hard-to-reach windows or for those who prefer a modern and high-tech look.

When choosing a louver control mechanism for your plantation window shutters, consider your personal style, the size and location of your windows, and your budget. Each mechanism has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to choose one that meets your specific needs and preferences.

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Here are some facts from our years of experience:

  • Tilt Rod attaches each blade with staple. In case any of them broken, on site fix is very hard to carry on, and back to factory repair is still possible
  • Clearview is most popular in the market, as it has metal rod hidden in the back with a tiny screw attached to each blades. On-site replacement is easy, and customers can do DIY themselves.
  • Hidden Tilt Rod is a new thing to build a rod inside the stiles where the gears turns to up and down the blades. The repair onsite is impossible, and whole panel is required to send back to factory, and whole internal part is required to be replaced even single blade is not functional.
  • Motorised shutters barely have market, due to its costly moto, and you may only find it in luxury hotel.

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