Light Control Solutions with Plantation Shutters: A Guide for Melbourne Homes

Light Control Solutions with Plantation Shutters: A Guide for Melbourne Homes

Plantation shutters can add value to your home.

Let the light in. This phrase perfectly sums up the artistic perspective of modern home interior designers. The trend is heading toward maximising natural light in the home to create the illusion of a bigger, more spacious interior. Not only that, there are several benefits to incorporating more natural light into your home, such as improving your mood and enhancing productivity. However, too much brightness can be a bad thing, too. It can sometimes make it difficult to focus or cause excessive glare, especially during summer when the sunlight is quite harsh.

Therefore, choosing window treatments with light control solutions is a wise investment. It gives you complete control over how much lighting and privacy you want to enjoy at home without undergoing a massive (and expensive!) home makeover. 

Do Plantation Shutters Block Out Light?

Many homeowners new to installing plantation shutters have several misconceptions about this window treatment. One of the biggest misconceptions is that it can block out sunlight. 

The reality is that plantation shutters cannot completely block out light, creating complete darkness in your home or room. Instead, they offer light filtering or control solutions that allow you to adjust the amount of natural light depending on your preference or needs. 

If you are worried that adding plantation shutters would make your home interior dark or gloomy, that wouldn’t be the case unless you close the louvres. 

Practical uses of plantation shutters include light control.

Why Invest in Plantation Shutters?

Time and again, we’ve discussed the many benefits plantation shutters offer. Most benefits highlight the aesthetic value they bring to a space, especially when incorporated into the overall design layout.

However, plantation shutters offer more benefits beyond aesthetic enhancement. Its lesser-known benefit is the ability to maximise natural light in the home. And yet, it also provides control and flexibility in determining the exact amount of light you want to enter a given space. There are various mechanisms and styles available for plantation shutters that would fit into your desired lighting. Therefore, it is essential to explore the many types of plantation shutters and their features. Or you can find a plantation shutter Melbourne company that can customise the shutters to ensure they are the best solution for your home. 

Light Control Solutions with Plantation Shutters

How can you control the light inside your home with plantation shutters? You should evaluate various features when choosing plantation shutters to ensure you achieve the right amount of lighting for your home.

1. Customisable Options

Plantation shutters in Melbourne are gaining in popularity; therefore, you can easily find manufacturers that can provide customised solutions based on your needs. You can customise the louvre size, material, and colour of the shutters to maximise light control and integrate with the existing interior style.

As mentioned, customising your plantation shutters can be practical and aesthetic. The louvre size is the first factor to consider when adjusting them to optimise lighting control. Larger louvres are ideal for maximum lighting because they allow more sunlight to enter the space. However, they might sacrifice some privacy, especially if you tilt them wide open. On the other hand, smaller louvres provide minimal natural lighting, but they look more delicate and are better suited to specific interior décor styles. 

Another important consideration when customising louvres for maximum light control is the material. Wood is a popular material because of its organic and natural look. It offers excellent light control because it can diffuse and soften the light entering your room. Instead of harsh sunlight, you can enjoy a cosy and warm glow within your living space. 

In addition, you can customise the colour of the plantation shutters to control lighting inside your home. Painting the shutters in lighter colours, such as white or beige, reflects more sunlight to make your space open, airy, and brighter. Consider this when choosing what colour of plantation shutters to install.

2. Opening & Closing the Louvres

Light control options of plantation shutters Melbourne.

A distinct advantage of plantation shutters is the adjustable louvres. You can open or close the louvres according to how much light you need. You can open them wide for maximum sunlight or tilt them to an angle to diffuse the amount of sunlight. If you need your room to be completely dark, you can close the plantation shutters fully. 

You can adjust the opening and closing of the louvres of the shutters throughout the day to create a comfortable indoor space. 

3. Consider the Season

The different seasons of the year can be challenging to manage when it comes to lighting and temperature control inside your home. Heating and cooling are among the top factors influencing energy bills in many Melbourne homes. 

With plantation shutters, you can make your home more comfortable without using too much energy. During the sunny days of summer, you can regulate the sunlight inside your home by tilting the louvres of the shutters. Therefore, you still get enough light that you need during the day while minimising the heat gain. The shutters also provide additional ventilation to ensure adequate airflow and not rely too much on your air conditioning to keep your home cool. 

During the winter, you can also use the various light control options offered by plantation shutters to make the room warm and cosy. 

Plantation Shutters for Maximum Light Control

Plantation shutters are the ultimate choice for an elegant and aesthetic solution for light management within your home. Nowadays, you can find many styles, materials, and colours that match your needs and your ability to filter light within your living space to keep it cool (or warm) and comfortable. It is also a practical solution to manage light for daily tasks, helping you achieve energy efficiency. For these benefits, plantation shutters can add value to your home and are the best choice for homeowners in Melbourne who want to enhance their control of lighting. 

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