Determining Plantation Shutter Costs & Types In Melbourne

Plantation Shutter Costs

When you’re considering the costs and types of plantation shutters available in Melbourne, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the sheer number of choices you have. It can be daunting, overwhelming, and quite confusing to determine and sift through the various styles that exist. At AAA Plantation Shutters, we want to make the journey from idea to fruition as smooth as possible for you.

There are a number of smaller costs that go into a typical design and installation period that you may not know about, there’s also the question of what type of plantation shutter you should be considering.

We’ve put together a handy little guide to assist you in your journey from conception to installation.

Calculating The Costs

As different suppliers all over the city have their own suppliers and fees associated with their services, its best to have an understanding on the basic costs that will go into a majority of them. As the world of plantation shutters in Melbourne is a highly lucrative and often customizable affair, the price tag on the whole service is expectedly a little higher than usual. As many would say, you certainly get what you pay for.

The costs can range from the initial callouts, secondary and possibly more onsite inspections, the price of materials, labor costs, fitter costs, etc. They can all add up rather unpleasantly and unexpectedly with some companies offering the service.

AAA Plantation shutters enjoy transparency and direct communication. We maintain a competitive price on the materials by being proudly factory direct in our supply – this allows us to assure a higher quality product for a competitive price. All the details surrounding design, colour, shape, and possibility is discussed with an expert on the first inspection.

When calculating the costs, it’s always best to go with the ones who can deliver the best. According to our testimonials, we are the best in Melbourne.

The Types Of Shutters

Melbourne has a lot of opportunities for unique and beautiful shutter designs and types to be created and implemented into your home. With AAA Plantation Shutters, customization is everything, and the type of plantation shutter that will befit your home is only limited by the imagination.


The shape can be anything from a circle, triangle, oval, hexagonal, arched, or indeed any particular style that is feasible. Upon the inspection of a property, an expert will be able to discuss and determine whether a certain shape is feasible.


The material is also quite interchangeable depending on the circumstance. Common materials like PVC, Wood, and Aluminium are obvious examples of the different materials that are available commonly. With certain materials being more suitable for certain rooms such as PVC being more suitable for moisture-rich atmospheres like bathrooms.


There are even a number of mounting styles that can be interchanged upon request, hinged, fixed, bi-fold and sliding to name a few. Each one has its own setbacks and advantages that can be discussed with your expert.

Have a look at some AAA Plantation Shutter projects here

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