Choosing Shutters in Craigieburn: Why Residents Prefer Plantation Shutters Over Blinds

Choosing Shutters in Craigieburn: Why Residents Prefer Plantation Shutters Over Blinds

Craigieburn homeowners are turning to plantation shutters.

With its marine west coast and warm summer climate, Craigieburn experiences a cooler climate than the Australian average. It rarely rains in this part of Melbourne, but residents still get their fair share of extreme weather conditions. Its warmest month (January) can hit nearly the 30-degree range. Therefore, Craigieburn residents invest in high-quality and functional window treatments to manage the changing weather conditions throughout the year. There is no better investment than plantation shutters Craigieburn because they are functional and add aesthetic value to its homes.

Why Do Craigieburn Residents Prefer Plantation Shutters?

Interior plantation shutters are just one of many window treatments available in Australia. So, why are more residents choosing them over the more conventional options, such as window blinds? Various reasons explain why more homeowners are turning to plantation shutters and why they’ve been popular for many years.

Energy Efficiency

The most significant advantage that plantation shutters have over blinds is their energy efficiency. Therefore, it is the primary reason homeowners in Craigieburn are switching to this window treatment over the conventional options.

More homeowners are more aware of switching to energy-efficient home upgrades to increase their home value. Window treatments are some of the lesser-known ways to maximise energy use within the home since so much of the heating and cooling of the home is regulated through the windows. Plantation shutters are efficient in preventing inside air escape and outside air from entering your home through the window.

The inherent structure of plantation shutters maximises cool air during the summer and warm air during winter. Thus, it’s a good investment that will serve you well throughout the year.

Energy-efficient plantation shutters.

Aesthetic and Clean

Window treatments are functional but can also be an aesthetic addition to your home. Case in point: plantation shutters. In fact, many Craigieburn residents prefer plantation shutters because they are one of those window treatments that offer style and aesthetic value. You can select from various sized louvres from ½ to four inches wide. You can pick small to large louvres depending on what fits your preferred style and the amount of privacy you need.

No matter the size of louvres you choose, plantation shutters add an elegant look to your home. They look clean and minimalist and can easily blend with any home interior style because of their timeless and classic appearance. The understated look adds to their practicality, whereas curtains and other window coverings can quickly go out of fashion. 

Low Maintenance

The fact that plantation shutters are low-maintenance window treatments is a high selling point among Craigieburn residents. The ease of maintenance adds to the convenience for homeowners but also ensures they last longer. 

Window treatments, like plantation shutters, require proper care to ensure they can reach their maximum lifespan. Fortunately, plantation shutters are easy to take care of since you can vacuum-clean them or wipe the dust and debris away with a clean cloth. They are easy to maintain because you don’t have to take them apart to clean the louvres. They don’t require any specialised cleaning tools or materials either.


The durability of plantation shutters is worth mentioning, especially when compared to window blinds. Craigieburn residents should choose window treatments that withstand sun exposure, changing temperatures, and dust. These elements add to the wear and tear of the window coverings, which will add to the cost of homeownership over time. 

With plantation shutters, you have various materials to choose from. Select the best and most durable material to endure any weather condition in Craigieburn. This will help resist cracking, fading, or other issues associated with too much heat exposure or other extreme conditions. If you need clarification on the best material that fits the weather where you live, you should consult with local plantation shutter experts. Their knowledge of the area and the specific needs of homeowners can help you pick the best material that lasts. 

Privacy and Control

Your home is your refuge where you should feel protected and safe. Adding plantation shutters adds to the privacy control within your home, ensuring that your family is protected against peeping eyes. Controlling the amount of light and privacy in your home is not just for your safety. It can also make your interior living space more comfortable, giving you complete control over the amount of lighting throughout the day. 

Plantation shutters offer privacy control.

Child Safety

Most homeowners rarely consider child safety when choosing window treatments. However, it’s an important consideration when choosing what window treatments to install, as some can have sharp edges or cords the children can easily reach. 

Installing plantation shutters can ease your worries about this because the levers are attached to the louvres. Hence, you won’t have to worry about cords that hang close to the ground, such as the case with window blinds. You can ease your mind knowing that your children won’t be playing with these cords or getting their tiny fingers tangled in the louvres without your knowledge. For this concern, cordless plantation shutters are the perfect solution. 

Ideal for Year-Round Use

The practicality of plantation shutters is another advantage they have over window blinds. You can use them for every season, so once they are installed, you do not have to worry about taking them down as the seasons change.

In the summer, they can deflect light inside your home to keep it cool. In the winter, they provide an additional layer of insulation to keep your home interior warm and comfortable. You can achieve these by tilting the louvres up or down to control the lighting and heat penetrating your living space. These benefits add to the energy efficiency and savings in your home. 

Find the Right Plantation Shutters Craigieburn Solution for Your Home

Every Craigieburn home and family is unique. Therefore, you must pick a plantation shutter that fits your unique needs to ensure it adds value to your property. 

The best window treatments can boost the value of your home, while one not perfectly fitted can see its value decline over time. Make sure you make the right choice. Expert plantation shutters Craigieburn installers can make the suitable recommendation that guarantees added value to your home. 

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