Do you Know we can design u plantation shutters based on u existing windows layout ?

Up load one or two of your windows pics with a rough measurement in terms of width and height, and receve a free 2D draft into your email in few days.
  • Make sure windows are clear to see without view blocking or coverings
  • Grab a tape measure to get mm inside of your window (recess)
  • Or measure outside including architraves (face)
  • Or simply take pics and send to us, and we will show you how to measure
Draft is for demonstration only, and subject to onsite check measurement by us.

Start U Windows Covering Task with Us:

Plantation Shutters
  • 1You make an app for in-home service
  • 2We measure and design on-site
  • 3You approve our factory direct quote
  • 4We make & install you Shutters asap

Talk to us today to make a booking.