Privacy for Street facing Windows

Privacy for Street facing Windows

Plantation Shutters Melbourne

When you walk on the street, plantation shutters are hardly missed due to its aesthetics appeal and bright white finish.

Here are three major reasons that people choose the plantation shutters:

1 Protection from the sun’s rays

This is essential function of any windows covering products

2 Keep Privacy

Due to lots of moving parts like louver blades and openable panels generate hinge gaps, the indoor plantation shutters are not 100% blockout, while its sufficient to have privacy against looking from street when its fully closed.

3 Flexibility of Lights Control

You may not wish to get completely blockout during the day. Timber Plantation Shutters or PVC Plantation Shutters provide balanced privacy while also letting you see through the slits between each shutter without having to open them entirely

Plantation Shutters Melbourne
The adjustable louvers can be angled to let in natural light while still maintaining privacy by blocking the view from outside. This makes them an excellent choice for rooms where you want to have some natural light but also want to maintain privacyPrivacy does not mean total blackout. With plantation shutters adjustable louver blades and our exclusively sectional design for high windows, you enjoy all the benefits for the street facing windows can possibly create ambience in your room.

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